Wake up Africa


                                                          Wake up Africa

“I simply explain that interest towards something works with time. When you waste your time, you lose your interest. Always consider time in all you do, because time is one of the things we can’t buy”.

       If God created the day and night for two purpose, then he must have seen the beauty in black and white. No act of his is foolish. He made everything and called it ‘wonderful’. So we Africans’ are wonderful not minding the colour of our skin. We are entertaining and accommodating; not minding our colour. We are cultured and coordinating; not minding our colour. We are blessed with beautiful forest creatures and other agricultural produce; not minding the colour. To show how special we are, the ear of an Elephant is the shape of the map of our continent, Africa. What a wonder!






Snatched from his mother’s arms

Dragged from his home land

Seized by huge bullies

Hit with an angry rod

Bind in chains

Squeezed by starvation

Drained with hatred

Pressed with pain

Who is the master?


Shacked   by the waves

Disturbed by loud cries

Sinking in rivers of tears

Dancing to the tune of sorrow

Confused by ugly sight

Fed with strange food

Tortured by great illness

Thrown into the see

Who is the master?


Arrived in a strange land

Disguised by the way of living

Hungering to return

Serving the masters meal

Looking through doors for escape

But it was too narrow

Battling with new thought

Before interrupted with the

Stumping of large numbers of foots

Shhhh! The master is coming!

Hide! Quickly……………..




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