She was with child

Oppressed massively

By the race,

She climbed her pain

With an ugly smile’s,

She wouldn’t give up

For she was with a new life

Breathing inside of her.


She shook hands with sufferings

Yet didn’t drop her struggle.

When will she deliver?

She wasn’t due to give birth

But the labor had over stayed.

She was afraid on whom to nurse

Her child if she couldn’t survive birth,

So she fled to be with the animals,

They became her trusted friends.


When the moon shone,

It was her day.

When the sun rouse,

It was her night.

After birth she became strong

To nurse her child.

She fought for shelter,

She sought for food

Then she regained strength

To return to her land.

She stood for her child in worst

What more can a baby do,

But to watch.

She wore her child a jacket

Of bravery.

It was in this her child grew up

To be the Africa she dreamed of.


The missionaries are with mercenaries


Then they came with a book in their

Hands that was so strange to us.

When we questioned them they called

The book a holy book and without

Doubt we accepted their book their

Teachings their believe and followed

Their God instead of our gods

The missionaries are with mercenaries!


We drank and ate from one plate

They called it communion

So happy we were with the strangers

We had smiling face with good heart

They had smiling face with bad heart

They gave us salt with their right hand

But hid their sword with left hand

No one saw them but them

The missionaries are with mercenaries!


Our kings become their trusted

Friends at morning time and at noon

Our kings became their business


With a golden teeth they Sold

Our pride for few cowries and no

One saw them but them

Their book taught us not to kill

Their book taught not to steal

Their book taught us not to covert our

Neighbor’s goods but all of these were

Hidden deep in their heart

So far From our sight that we

Were blinded by the mirrors and fancy

Things they introduced to our land

We should have known that we have

Being sold before our own eyes and

Now it is too late to ask them to leave

For those who were meant to protect

Us are now our worst fears and our

Mothers are silent because they have

No say in our land.



Take the young men to the ship

The young girls to my bed

How much for fifty of them

Hit him hard to walk fast

Don’t give them food till dawn

Bring my map to me

We have the black monkeys

It isn’t kidnap for their leader’s trader

With us at dark and we are now the

Leaders of their leaders we call the shot

Whatever we say they do because they

Exchanged their kingship with few

Cowries they are mute but can see!


And we woke up to a new episode of


Someone please fetch my Mother

My sister my brothers

For I no longer see water when I

Look Into the ocean but blood

Blood of the innocent and pure

We have been given our own flesh to

Eat and our blood to drink

We are now Vampires of our own race

If only I can wake up tomorrow to see

My native land I will kiss away the

Tears and the blood that drops to the

Ground from the sky in my mothers

Land where we once had peace

But now I sleep to rise again

Good night Africa!





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