RETURN (Epic movie)

If judgement is passed by the gods, who is punishment meant for?

No one can tell the bitterness of vengeance! if only the tribe of Obidike recognized

the tribe of Nmairu as head without engaging in an unfinished business, maybe the

unfair decisions wouldn’t have been made on how to repay their evil actions with the

head that has the hands of the gods on it. now! it has awakened an unending

vengeance that will surface after 400 years, 40 years in 4 days! what can stop this

line of destruction? is it blood, revenge or bond? no one can interpret the sign of

the three stars in the sky, not even the chief priest!


               Wake up Africa

 It’s an amazing fact to know that most things used in the world, can be traced in Africa ancients creativity. Let’s pick out points in form of questions to state this fact;

  • What is the difference between the Igbo traditional flute (Oja) and the normal English flute? Let me remind you that this musical instrument has being there since their origin.
  • What about the Yoruba’s traditional talking drum (Gangan) which has really served purposes for entertainment over the centuries before the introduction of the foreign drums? Even the wonderful drum ‘Gbedu’ (big drum) that has being in the hearts and hands of the ancients and the moderns.
  • What is the difference between the Hausa’s ’ ‘Kakaki’ and the normal foreign trumpet?

The difference isn’t that much, the difference is value. We need to wake up and embrace our own. We need to wake up and advertise us________Africa.

criticized but not victimized


Though I thought I am a coward

But I still see myself to be brave

I stand like the man

On the mirror.


I have been criticized

But not victimized!

I pursue my fear like a lion

For a new courage is born.


I put on my face

The mask of challenge

To triumph with glory

For I am encouraged

To encourage.


I uphold the honor of

The due and

Acknowledge the esteem of

The humbled.


Dignified or disqualified

To my acquaintances

I was criticized but

Not victimized.

Thought of life


Is there any mistake by God?

Is there any creation without vision?

Am I the first to struggle?

Am I the last to be determined?


What if I wasn’t born by my mum?

What if I hadn’t come from the

Background I come from?

What if I saw life as a mischief?


Would there be any hope for me?

Would I have got to my


I might have been long lost

Here I am the protagonist!


Searching through anxiety

Reading the thought of many

Seeking dreams as head

Fighting my emotions not to rule

Employing my courage

Here I am the protagonist.


Doubting or believing

Confusing or convincing

I observe the protocol of reality

To neither deceive nor be


Maintaining my legacy and

Unfolding my temperament

I am the protagonist!


If only they would look at their faces
To know how they feel!
If only they would listen and hear them speak!
If only they will give them a chance to learn!
If only they would make it known to them
That suffering isn’t inherited!
If only they would see them lying helpless
And offer a hand to help!
If only they would see their poor children
Die right in front of them because no one
Agreed to save them!
If only they would let them have a drop to
Quench their thirst!
Then, nature wouldn’t have been

How can they not look when they
Have eyes?
How can they not smile when they
Have lips?
How can they not eat when they
Have mouth?
How can they not die when you
Are killing them?
How can they speak when you
Have made them mute?
How can they not cry when you hit them?
How can they grow since nature
Has Been Intertwined?

Don’t call them poor if you can’t help!
Don’t call them thieves while you starve
Don’t call them dirty if you can’t bath them!
Don’t call them illiterate since you’ve
Refused to educate them!
Don’t call them naked if you can’t clothe
Don’t shot them up while you mistreat
Don’t call them careless if you can’t watch
Over them!
Let them have their peace.
The misery is here because
Nature has been intertwined!

My confession


Bless me father for I have sinned!

No wait! Someone tell me, how do I

Begin this serious dirty confession?

Let me start with bless me father.

Can he hear me, can he see me?

I mean the priest that am about

To make this serious confession to.

Someone please teach me how to

Start with these dirty words that hurt.

Can he listen to me without trying to

Strike my evil past actions that haunts

Me now and may be forever?

This is my confession!


Bless me father for I have sinned!

Is that not supposed to be the first thing

To say before a priest during confession?

Oh no! I have lost my voice and words

To the air for I am now speechless.

Can someone help me confess my sins?

Is that possible in confession?

The weight of my words is pulling me

Down But I don’t want to sink,

that is why I have a confession to make,

to say and Not to save my sins for I may perish.

This is my confession!


Bless me father for I have sinned!

I just have to say this now, others are

Waiting to confess their sins too.

Bless me father for I have sinned!

I am the murderer who murdered your

Mother on a Monday morning!

Did I just speak aloud to the son of the

Woman I murdered?

What is next? What is new? What is This?

The silence is now very obvious

And I anxiously want to know the worst part

Of my dirty confession to the son of the woman

I murder on a Monday morning.

He now knows the dirty person

Before him and he can’t say a word.

This is the saddest part of my confession

With deep regret I cry without tears.

Is that supposed to be me being sorry

For my dirty actions or I fear the

Reactions of the son of the woman I

Murdered on a Monday morning?

This is my ugly confession!


Bless me father for I have sinned!

And now is time for my penance

But the priest is still silent.

Who will absolve me from my sins

With the sign of the cross?

But then he looked up to me without

Giving me my penance and said;

Your sins are forgiven!








Mother oh sweet mother!

what price will be paid to reward you?

like a shepherd of hills

you watched me grow.

sleepless night you had those previous

years because of me.


Not even the ornaments of gold

Can afford your good work.

All my mission, my vision,my effort,

Determination towards accomplishment

And the strength of my honor

I owe them to you mother.


even when time pass and fly

I will still have you as mother

And guardian,

For you are my super hero woman.

I remember the toughest time of trouble

And sorrow,

Mother you gave me courage.

the most difficult and complicated times

you stood by me mother.

Mother! you are my super hero woman!



The oldest among us!

Do they fear at the thought of death?

Do they shrink when summoned by the earth for a brief meeting?

Which one among the oldest wasn’t     informed about the meeting day?

Will they give excuses not to attend the meeting?

Whether they go to the meeting or not

The meeting must be held.


The youth among us!

Do they go about making troubles or making plans?

Were they informed that

This is the age of manifestation?

After the oldest attend the meeting

Who will be the next?

Does the damsel’s cat walk just to seduce the moment?

Beauty is just a picture.

Mothers should have informed maddens about the payback time.


The infant among us!

Do you just suck the mothers Brest?

Without knowing you will be sucked some day?

Do you cry all day to distract the

Work of a whole day?

If parent don’t work to provide

Then you infant will starve.

Who do you think you are?

Not to realize you will grow someday?

After the youth are informed

About the payback time, who is next?

Everyone wants to be saved!

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