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The oldest among us!

Do they fear at the thought of death?

Do they shrink when summoned by the earth for a brief meeting?

Which one among the oldest wasn’t     informed about the meeting day?

Will they give excuses not to attend the meeting?

Whether they go to the meeting or not

The meeting must be held.


The youth among us!

Do they go about making troubles or making plans?

Were they informed that

This is the age of manifestation?

After the oldest attend the meeting

Who will be the next?

Does the damsel’s cat walk just to seduce the moment?

Beauty is just a picture.

Mothers should have informed maddens about the payback time.


The infant among us!

Do you just suck the mothers Brest?

Without knowing you will be sucked some day?

Do you cry all day to distract the

Work of a whole day?

If parent don’t work to provide

Then you infant will starve.

Who do you think you are?

Not to realize you will grow someday?

After the youth are informed

About the payback time, who is next?

Everyone wants to be saved!

Maureen Kenneth

It’s always being me, I and Maureen. Am only a human who wants to create something new with either my words or ideas. I believe in mindset, I believe in recreation, I believe in culture, I believe in norms, I believe in the world, but above all, I believe in myself.

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