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Whose word’s touches my heart?

Whose look gladdens my mind?

Whose voice awakens my strength?

You are too precious mother!


How brave and gallant you are!

Fearlessly you conceived me

Passionately you wined me

Affectionately you raised me

To be greater than you

What kind of love could this be?


I have searched all through

Nothing to be compared

I have looked all round

Yet am not convinced

Your image of compassion

Is of The yield Olive oil

Your sweet love oh mother

Is like the taste of honey

I can’t trade you for gold!

Maureen Kenneth

It’s always being me, I and Maureen. Am only a human who wants to create something new with either my words or ideas. I believe in mindset, I believe in recreation, I believe in culture, I believe in norms, I believe in the world, but above all, I believe in myself.

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