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Can there be a rumor of war

Without An atom of truth?

For the negligent is never pardoned

When the dance of war is aroused.

Can the rain fall from the sky

Without wetting the ground?

What a master mind of reality.

How can the infant grow to be young

And not ageing to be old?

God indeed is the creator of the universe.


Ignorant! Ignorant! Ignorant!

How foolish you are.

Pretending to be the night

While the sun is out.

Framed by imagination without considering

The fair truth.

Justice is really in the courtyard of freedom.


Many years ago I was a soldier

Trying to run away from my shadow

But still caught around my fears

How then did I not escape my race?

Hmmm! Destiny can only be time extended

But can never be erased.


Waking up to a new day is a good morning

Sleeping over a vision is a farewell.

Broken heart could be mended

Million miles could be reached

But a time passed cannot be brought back.

The earth is nothing but dust

Born with luxury or with lack

There is a race to run.




Maureen Kenneth

It’s always being me, I and Maureen. Am only a human who wants to create something new with either my words or ideas. I believe in mindset, I believe in recreation, I believe in culture, I believe in norms, I believe in the world, but above all, I believe in myself.

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