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Turn down the volume of your radio

Love speaks no language

Hit me with the music of trust

Then, I will Dance to the tune of ‘we are one’

I don’t know WA, ZO or BIA

But I know ‘’to serve our fathers land

With love and strength and faith”

Please sir! I work for you not my tribe!


Mirror! mirror on the wall!

I’m in love with the prettiest girl

Who wears a diamond ring

Here I am facing her soldier father

Who point a gun on me

Please don’t shoot me sir!

I don’t understand what you speak

But, what I have for your daughter

Has no language

I pray you give me your blessings

And show me your mercy

For I really care for the one I fancy

Please don’t make me fall dizzy

I’m already going crazy

For her on true beauty!


Come on darling!

We are good to go

All we need is to be compatible

And make understanding our breakfast

Then we will have peace for dinner

Listen to me and not my language

What I have for you is;

L.     O.        V.         E

Tribe can’t kill that

Please! Can we have this last dance in the rain?


Maureen Kenneth

It’s always being me, I and Maureen. Am only a human who wants to create something new with either my words or ideas. I believe in mindset, I believe in recreation, I believe in culture, I believe in norms, I believe in the world, but above all, I believe in myself.

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