It’s a seven pretty color

It stands for redemption

We are no more slaves to the masters

But we are still in chains

The chains of segregation and problem

Of same story

We claim to have one ancestor

But it has dawn on me that we

Have much difference


You are meant to teach your children

Morals and truth

That no matter where they go that

Map of moral will lead them

But you raise your hands to take life

Right in their presence

You snatch parents from children of your

Children’s age and watch the ones you’ve made

Orphans weep and raise their voice to

Call on the spirit of peace and equality

Which our mother Africa left before

She joined our ancestors

What will you tell your children when they

Demand for the name of your inhuman act?


If we are truly of the same race as our

Fathers told us

Why make me homeless and turn me into

A mess in my hides

If you chase me out of the land I originated


What right do I have left?

The land is ours, but the house is yours

Our difference is language but you are

Forever my brother


Put down your sword let’s make peace

Console the heart of the children you’ve

Made orphan

Console the heart of mothers you’ve made


They itch their ears every moment to hear the

The voice of their children coming home to

Give them the reward of their hard work

All of these you’ve turned into mourning and


Don’t forget that Africa is a woman!




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