I was hit with the scourge

                             They say I am the scourge

                             That brought pains to them

                             This keeps me away from them

                             So at night, I lay awake

                             Because I am scourged by my conscience

                             Though, not guilty

                             I pray for death not to die

                             I am consumed by their hates

                             The only one I have is Kate

                             But I can’t stay in her gate

                             She is the reason I get the hates

                             She doesn’t want to tell them who the

                             Man behind me is

                             I didn’t fall from the sky

                             There should be a He

                             That made me

                             We stay at the back bench

                             No one sits next to us

                             This shouldn’t be in the church

                             But the elders are the judge

                             I sink in shame

                             Not because I wear old shoes

                             Because they blame my conception

                             As the cause for grandma’s death

                             She was one of the elders

                             She couldn’t stand the shock

                             So her heart ceased

                             I can’t make friends

                             I stay at the peak of loneliness

                             This is a bizarre situation for a teen

                             But I can’t kill myself

                             I need to know the real taste of life

                             I pray for a Samaritan

                             To come take this scourge away

                             And give me the love I have never





It took guts for him to choose it

The society made him pursue it

Under the high pressure of sunset

Without been assured that he would make it

He took the step to maintain his outfit

Obi will never remain a boy


Travelling down the road

He met her

He took her hands and paid the price

They came together and gave a rise

In the shade of his hustle, there she lies

Making meals with the things he earns

The boy is now a man


While the little called him ‘papa’

He worked extra to provide for two

The burden was much

But he never complained

He moves along with his dear beloveds

Just to push their fates to climb the hills


He motivates even when he is down

He provides even when it’s dawn

He deserves to wear the crown

The crown of a hero!






Dance the century away!

The shadow of the past is here

Focus on how to get over it

I know how bruised you were

Watching your infants fed to animals

Your beautiful maidens were made an object

Their pride taken without permission

Your treasures stolen to beautify a strange palace

Your lands taken over by mortals who declared

Themselves Gods

Take it in, but let it go!


Bitter it was for the elders who stood

But couldn’t save the young that pleaded

For their lives and land

They couldn’t defend themselves

They had just tools

But the Gods had weapons

The chances of surviving was tiny

Then, men were reduced to net

Bind hands and legs and thrown into a cave

Take it in, but let it go!


I maintain my words!

The chains are no longer in the hands

But in the minds

The hand is external and was easy to


But the mind is internal

It controls the thought

It controls the past

It controls the present

It determines the future

It can’t be easily overcome

Unless the wounds are healed!


To the broken heart I say


Take it in, but let it go!

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