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Dance the century away!

The shadow of the past is here

Focus on how to get over it

I know how bruised you were

Watching your infants fed to animals

Your beautiful maidens were made an object

Their pride taken without permission

Your treasures stolen to beautify a strange palace

Your lands taken over by mortals who declared

Themselves Gods

Take it in, but let it go!


Bitter it was for the elders who stood

But couldn’t save the young that pleaded

For their lives and land

They couldn’t defend themselves

They had just tools

But the Gods had weapons

The chances of surviving was tiny

Then, men were reduced to net

Bind hands and legs and thrown into a cave

Take it in, but let it go!


I maintain my words!

The chains are no longer in the hands

But in the minds

The hand is external and was easy to


But the mind is internal

It controls the thought

It controls the past

It controls the present

It determines the future

It can’t be easily overcome

Unless the wounds are healed!


To the broken heart I say


Take it in, but let it go!

Maureen Kenneth

It’s always being me, I and Maureen. Am only a human who wants to create something new with either my words or ideas. I believe in mindset, I believe in recreation, I believe in culture, I believe in norms, I believe in the world, but above all, I believe in myself.

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