Leadership is both for the haves

And the have-not

No segregation please

There shouldn’t be entanglements

Between policy and politics

But times have changed

So policy is for the masses

And politics is for the self-centered

The regime is problem raise to

The power of frustration

No difference yet

The answer is still equal to silence


Wine down the glass of your car

You will see what the state looks like

Many starving to death and

You nickname it “recession”

The sick chased out of the hospital bed

Because medical treatments are no longer free

Sorrow is the lullaby their children take to sleep

No shelter, so they stay awake in the dark

Dangerous Street

Listening to the sounds from their hungry stomach


You shouldn’t fight criminals

While you sell crime

It is the hate you give, they take

Now the society that was created

Out of the hate

Hurts everyone but you

Check the list to know the next trouble

You might be safe in your castle

But you are still enslaved to

The problem you can’t solve


I fear for the infants

Who are living in hell

They are gradually becoming a beast

Because they are not well

They didn’t wish for these

It was given to them

They all prayed for better

But they were served with burns

This is not the type we need!




So I took my pen to spell

The right world for sacrifice

So I took my dictionary to search

For the right definition of sacrifice

The only answer I saw was



I try to understand how the world

Flow with 365 days

Sometimes, 366 days

With people coming and going

With people smiling and frowning

With people living and leaving

With people giving and receiving

Nothing is what it seems


Today is supposed to be the day

But the day is sad

For the reason for the day

Is missing from the day

By saving 13 from the ghost

When giving hands to the 14

The half life was cut

Into immortality

Into the world beyond

Without kissing goodbye

To the precious ones


Who can tell the story of the hero?

Who took pain to give gain?

Note it in the chronicles

Let it be known by the rulers

That the greatest love is

“Laying down your life

To save another”



Dedicated to late ‘Mr. Joe Blankson’

Art work by ‘Charles Mbeharts’

Poem by ‘Maureen Onyinye Kenneth’

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