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Can enough be enough?

Did they seek for

The emotion of fear or

The emotion of desire?


Should they ask for

The sense of power

To protect their purpose

And stay focus?

Don’t pretend they are alright

So nail it and

Save the day


Their body is their honor

Why pay to tear

Or force to take

From their innocence

They don’t deserve

The pain they bear

So keep your cash

And remove the fear


They need justice

To make peace

With their bruised self

For their ugly state

Has destroyed

Their mindset


Try to save them

Help to change them

Join to end this

Stop the abuse!



Art credit ‘charles mbeharts’

Poem ‘Maureen onyinye Kenneth’

Maureen Kenneth

The best way to learn is to try. The better way to try is to repeat. Repeating it is practicing it. Practicing it is perfecting it. Perfecting it is establishing it. Establishing it is an Accomplishment!

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