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The wonderful picture of yourself is the image you make for yourself. Being who you are, takes more than just the name you bear. Special people are special for the difference they show. The way you handle things around you adds to the recipe of your everyday activities. You were made for a reason to capture something that has being missing in the whole world. The universe owes you chances which are given to you every moment you breathe, but you also owe them the utilization of the chances given to you. The question that should keep you cooking is; how do you want to be remembered?

When you act the way you feel, place it at the back of your mind that you are responsible for the outcomes, be it negative or positive. Your life style evolves in the outcome of your every day activity; this is the uniform you wear.

Work for something that will remain even when you are gone.  Something no one has achieved. It could be the people you nurtured their mindset to function positively, it could be the goal you achieved that was termed ‘IMPOSSIBLE’; this is how you would be remembered.


Maureen Kenneth

The best way to learn is to try. The better way to try is to repeat. Repeating it is practicing it. Practicing it is perfecting it. Perfecting it is establishing it. Establishing it is an Accomplishment!

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