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How many have to go through it over and over before we see to it? How many will be destroyed before we come up with a safe plan? How far will it go before the world hears and take serious note? When are we ready to give a listening ear to what is more important rather than what doesn’t make much sense? How much time do we have left to treat this mess? It isn’t a joke; it has to be looked into.

There is no point covering a crime that has to be known, so justice won’t be given to it. It makes more sense to see what most children go through in our society and we pay much attention to either change or promote it. Silence towards evil is giving permission to more evil. We need to help save children who can’t speak for themselves. There needs to be an end to child abuse. There needs to be a correction to wrong impressions. Every child deserves to be happy, every child deserves to be free from early sex, every child deserves a chance to air their view, every child deserve to be given attention, every child deserves to be heard.

It’s time we stopped hiding the truth of what most kids go through: it’s time justice takes charge for their redemption: it’s time we checked the environments our kids dwell in, to know if it’s suitable or not: it’s time we gave their feelings a reborn.

We can’t do this by just watching and ignoring; we can achieve this by saying no to child Abuse, by saving kids going through this around us, by seeking justice for any victim of child Abuse. The world can be a better place for them if we make it to be. They look up to us, because we are bigger in thoughts and in actions. Support them in any way you can, to see that the perpetrators of this evil act (Child Abuse) are brought to book. Lets help this kids feel normal again. Let’s put smiles on their faces.

Maureen Kenneth

The best way to learn is to try. The better way to try is to repeat. Repeating it is practicing it. Practicing it is perfecting it. Perfecting it is establishing it. Establishing it is an Accomplishment!

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