Good morning sir!

I see your handwork

I salute your fat muscles


Don’t pretend you don’t hear anything

The tears that runs down her cheeks

So innocent but you didn’t take cognizance


The liar and cheat you call her

Is your real name

But you keep pretending


I hear you preach on the pulpit

Forgive and learn to love

Yet you punch her like a slave


She dare not speak

Because she doesn’t know

Whether to leave or stay


She planted love

But you let it die

While she bleeds you fed


She once had a heart

But you made it a stone

So enjoy the meal.


Art credit: charlse mbeharts

Poem: Maureen Onyinye Kenneth




When I speak of beauty

I see my Igbo ancient queen.

She doesn’t need to be beautified

For she is the goddess

of beauty.


She stopped a four year war

With her smile’s.

Nne! Iya egbu ha!

Biko jiri ya nwayoo!


Her skin glitz like the stars

Her eyeballs are like the sun

So shinny that

I can’t even look deep

In her eyes.

Her palms are so soft

That I wish for her touch

Every passing moment

Her hug made me sell all my properties

Just to purchase a castle on air

Where we could live forever

If permitted by the gods.

But, is it possible?


Oh! It’s only a dream.

I should better start going

Before my imagination

Cost me my fortune.


Art credit: Dora Alis

Poem: Maureen Onyinye Kenneth



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