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Fashion all over the world is beautiful. But the uniqueness of it is making use of what you know with what you have to create more awesome styles. Africa is growing by the day, and what they know have made them to utilize what they have. Take for instance, the use of our local fabrics (Ankara) for making of eye-catching things that is making waves in the world. Great things like these don’t just happen; there are also great people with great minds that are behind these. I will be specific with one of these great minds that has fashioned what they fancy, Irene Oge Kenneth– CEO of Deramau Designs.


Deramau Designs has shown the real beauty of fashion making use of Ankara. This fashion style by this African daughter is extending from the ordinary styles that were seen in Africa, to the extraordinary styles that are not seen. One wouldn’t go for a taste he or she detests, but Deramau Designs is definitely an answer to some unanswered question of the African fashion most people had seen as ‘WHACKED’. Just hope the world is ready for this new African Fashion that wouldn’t just be worn in farms and market places, but also in award nights and in the world of entertainment, and in everywhere.


This would be achieved not just by one effort, but all efforts. African brothers and sisters can help grow this new African fashion by wearing what we produce. Deramau Designs can give the best which would make one ask for the rest. Go for the best.


It’s Africa, it’s unique, It’s extraordinary, it’s creative styles, it’s fashion, its Deramau Designs.

Maureen Kenneth

The best way to learn is to try. The better way to try is to repeat. Repeating it is practicing it. Practicing it is perfecting it. Perfecting it is establishing it. Establishing it is an Accomplishment!


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