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This was how it went down

Just before my countdown

I was sent in a lock down

And was seen as a downtrodden

Caressed and scourged

How did I get down?


I wouldn’t say

But I would if I could

I only slept for few seconds

Just to wake in a fine bondage

With someone feeding me with a pottage

Of course the one I trusted


So I told you about me

And you hated me for being me

Whose fault is it I grow?

While I called you “my person”

You pressed the button

And the dragon was unleashed


Well not this time

Because I woke while you slept

Took the fire extinguisher

And defended myself from the fire

Poured by your dragon

It had burned me enough


I wasn’t shock when I knew it’s you

But I felt pity for your actions

Because I defeated the nightmare

Kindly read the letter I sent you

“Dear Ex-trusted one,

Do wash my trash”

Maureen Kenneth

The best way to learn is to try. The better way to try is to repeat. Repeating it is practicing it. Practicing it is perfecting it. Perfecting it is establishing it. Establishing it is an Accomplishment!

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