MOVIE= ‘DIG’ (suspense)


Journalism in the 21st century is meant to be the light of a country’s policy.

trying to  bring out the vital role of journalism in her home land; Alexis ,had to seek

the western investigating and applied method of Education. bringing that back to

her country wasn’t a child’s play, because she had to convince her father who has

been in the government before she was born, that she would handle any form of

misconduct against the law. human trafficking and drug transaction was her

point of action.who is the friend among the foe? Ben Cruz, who is supposed to

be her Dad’s Spanish business partner turns out to be what? a friend or a foe?

RETURN (Epic movie)

If judgement is passed by the gods, who is punishment meant for?

No one can tell the bitterness of vengeance! if only the tribe of Obidike recognized

the tribe of Nmairu as head without engaging in an unfinished business, maybe the

unfair decisions wouldn’t have been made on how to repay their evil actions with the

head that has the hands of the gods on it. now! it has awakened an unending

vengeance that will surface after 400 years, 40 years in 4 days! what can stop this

line of destruction? is it blood, revenge or bond? no one can interpret the sign of

the three stars in the sky, not even the chief priest!


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