They were born with a doubt of surviving

Sprinkling the sweat of labor

Looking through the face of the earth

But can’t see a sign of hope

The only thing left for them is agony


While they cried and placed their hands

On the walls for maternal protection

They were disappointed by the ones

They looked up to

Not because the maternal protection

Wasn’t there

But the walls were weak

So they cried a thousand colored tears

Consumed by their sorrows

Not even a drop could quench their

Thirst for redemption

The only thing left for them is agony


So I ask again!

Have you seen their childhood?

The ones who still suck from the mothers

The young are now aged

Because they feel the same pain

As the aged

The only thing left for them is agony!




                             I was hit with the scourge

                             They say I am the scourge

                             That brought pains to them

                             This keeps me away from them

                             So at night, I lay awake

                             Because I am scourged by my conscience

                             Though, not guilty

                             I pray for death not to die

                             I am consumed by their hates

                             The only one I have is Kate

                             But I can’t stay in her gate

                             She is the reason I get the hates

                             She doesn’t want to tell them who the

                             Man behind me is

                             I didn’t fall from the sky

                             There should be a He

                             That made me

                             We stay at the back bench

                             No one sits next to us

                             This shouldn’t be in the church

                             But the elders are the judge

                             I sink in shame

                             Not because I wear old shoes

                             Because they blame my conception

                             As the cause for grandma’s death

                             She was one of the elders

                             She couldn’t stand the shock

                             So her heart ceased

                             I can’t make friends

                             I stay at the peak of loneliness

                             This is a bizarre situation for a teen

                             But I can’t kill myself

                             I need to know the real taste of life

                             I pray for a Samaritan

                             To come take this scourge away

                             And give me the love I have never





It took guts for him to choose it

The society made him pursue it

Under the high pressure of sunset

Without been assured that he would make it

He took the step to maintain his outfit

Obi will never remain a boy


Travelling down the road

He met her

He took her hands and paid the price

They came together and gave a rise

In the shade of his hustle, there she lies

Making meals with the things he earns

The boy is now a man


While the little called him ‘papa’

He worked extra to provide for two

The burden was much

But he never complained

He moves along with his dear beloveds

Just to push their fates to climb the hills


He motivates even when he is down

He provides even when it’s dawn

He deserves to wear the crown

The crown of a hero!






Dance the century away!

The shadow of the past is here

Focus on how to get over it

I know how bruised you were

Watching your infants fed to animals

Your beautiful maidens were made an object

Their pride taken without permission

Your treasures stolen to beautify a strange palace

Your lands taken over by mortals who declared

Themselves Gods

Take it in, but let it go!


Bitter it was for the elders who stood

But couldn’t save the young that pleaded

For their lives and land

They couldn’t defend themselves

They had just tools

But the Gods had weapons

The chances of surviving was tiny

Then, men were reduced to net

Bind hands and legs and thrown into a cave

Take it in, but let it go!


I maintain my words!

The chains are no longer in the hands

But in the minds

The hand is external and was easy to


But the mind is internal

It controls the thought

It controls the past

It controls the present

It determines the future

It can’t be easily overcome

Unless the wounds are healed!


To the broken heart I say


Take it in, but let it go!




It’s a seven pretty color

It stands for redemption

We are no more slaves to the masters

But we are still in chains

The chains of segregation and problem

Of same story

We claim to have one ancestor

But it has dawn on me that we

Have much difference


You are meant to teach your children

Morals and truth

That no matter where they go that

Map of moral will lead them

But you raise your hands to take life

Right in their presence

You snatch parents from children of your

Children’s age and watch the ones you’ve made

Orphans weep and raise their voice to

Call on the spirit of peace and equality

Which our mother Africa left before

She joined our ancestors

What will you tell your children when they

Demand for the name of your inhuman act?


If we are truly of the same race as our

Fathers told us

Why make me homeless and turn me into

A mess in my hides

If you chase me out of the land I originated


What right do I have left?

The land is ours, but the house is yours

Our difference is language but you are

Forever my brother


Put down your sword let’s make peace

Console the heart of the children you’ve

Made orphan

Console the heart of mothers you’ve made


They itch their ears every moment to hear the

The voice of their children coming home to

Give them the reward of their hard work

All of these you’ve turned into mourning and


Don’t forget that Africa is a woman!







Turn down the volume of your radio

Love speaks no language

Hit me with the music of trust

Then, I will Dance to the tune of ‘we are one’

I don’t know WA, ZO or BIA

But I know ‘’to serve our fathers land

With love and strength and faith”

Please sir! I work for you not my tribe!


Mirror! mirror on the wall!

I’m in love with the prettiest girl

Who wears a diamond ring

Here I am facing her soldier father

Who point a gun on me

Please don’t shoot me sir!

I don’t understand what you speak

But, what I have for your daughter

Has no language

I pray you give me your blessings

And show me your mercy

For I really care for the one I fancy

Please don’t make me fall dizzy

I’m already going crazy

For her on true beauty!


Come on darling!

We are good to go

All we need is to be compatible

And make understanding our breakfast

Then we will have peace for dinner

Listen to me and not my language

What I have for you is;

L.     O.        V.         E

Tribe can’t kill that

Please! Can we have this last dance in the rain?






Memories are special gifts that numbers

Our special times with people we can’t forget!

Kene hates it when I say this

Does it mean memories are not special?

He does have ugly part of his life he fails

To unfold

He should have listened to the warning bells

Now, Good Friday has been baptized to bad Friday

Head strong kene!

Put aside your bitterness let’s talk business

Ije died in your arms

It wasn’t your fault but you haven’t

Reconciled with your present

Adjust your story line

Then memories will be appeased!


Are you sleeping all night long?

Evening bells are ringing

It’s ding! Ding! Dong!

Kedu ihe ina eme onwe gi?

Let ije ride with the rights

It’s neither a fairy tale nor a dream world

You played your duty as a big brother

Nna! Well done!

Just grant her permission to RIP

Let lights guide her ways

No one spoke sad tales when she was close!


Tell me more about ije!

I learnt she’s a happy girl

You twice saved her when she was 9

Your name was the first word she spoke

As a child

She loved it when you danced while cooking

You made her, her first kite

Read that page in your diary that talks

About her major awards at school

That was to your glory

You were her hero

No more stories!

Come on kene!

Unfold this part of happy memories to

Erase the sad

Forgive your guilt

Throw flowers to beautify your ugly past

Then, ije will go on!





It’s been a long day without you

My friend

I will tell you about it when I see you again

Light a candle and make a nice dinner

Because I’m coming home

Tell the world what is new about me

I lost that part of me called focus

I thought I could run away from my shadow

I’ve being trying to abscond from my real quest

But reality is an expensive game to mess with

No matter how far I run

I still find myself in the center which

I’m to hold

Things must not fall apart

I can’t change what I am

I can only play with my time

Take a pause and look through the window

You will see me the prodigal coming home

To face my life quest!


Long time ago!

I was that boy who never believed

In him self

I never tried anything new because

I was afraid to fail

I underestimated my capability and

Neglected my value

No one saw me useful because

I saw myself useless

I ran away from my fears

That’s the coward part of my race

No one can change me but me!


I’m coming home!

Not to run again

I have defeated that part of me called fear

I’ve paid the price for my quest

I now accept myself for who I am

I count my success not my failure

I am now a bright star shining up above

Like a diamond in the sky

I’m a hero not a zero!



Can there be a rumor of war

Without An atom of truth?

For the negligent is never pardoned

When the dance of war is aroused.

Can the rain fall from the sky

Without wetting the ground?

What a master mind of reality.

How can the infant grow to be young

And not ageing to be old?

God indeed is the creator of the universe.


Ignorant! Ignorant! Ignorant!

How foolish you are.

Pretending to be the night

While the sun is out.

Framed by imagination without considering

The fair truth.

Justice is really in the courtyard of freedom.


Many years ago I was a soldier

Trying to run away from my shadow

But still caught around my fears

How then did I not escape my race?

Hmmm! Destiny can only be time extended

But can never be erased.


Waking up to a new day is a good morning

Sleeping over a vision is a farewell.

Broken heart could be mended

Million miles could be reached

But a time passed cannot be brought back.

The earth is nothing but dust

Born with luxury or with lack

There is a race to run.








Give me a hug honey!

It’s good to have you back

Take my hand lets go for a walk

Just like we do in the 90s

I’ve really missed that

Do you remember Pa Jude?

Our evening at his store

Was an hallelujah

Get the lamp lets oil its tank

The day has graduated to night

Close your eyes; I have a surprise for you

The frame on the left window has been

Replaced with that of an eagle

Guess you have not heard

Our brothers have gone mad!


Let’s have a throw back

When many were a baby

She cried like a baby and

Act like a baby

Now she’s all grown

But I see no difference

Between yesterday and today

Does she know its Wednesday

The 16th , 2020?

Maybe she would manifest her

Youthful strength in old age

But time is the only one thing

We don’t have

Show her the pictures of our

Youth back in the days

When mindset was the key point

When being responsible was

The image they made

When being creative was the

Dress they wore

When changing the world was

The pledge they recited

Wake her up!

It’s morning already!


Tell me you don’t know

That Uzor has lost his

Pride as a young man

He now paint’s his body with tattoos

Instead of painting his father’s house

Take me back to memory lane!

When mothers were the role model

To their daughters

Take me back to memory lane!

When fathers present legacy as

Birthday gifts to their sons

Why do young people smoke trees

Instead of planting trees?

Don’t call it a life style

Our youths have been robbed!





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