Give me a hug honey!

It’s good to have you back

Take my hand lets go for a walk

Just like we do in the 90s

I’ve really missed that

Do you remember Pa Jude?

Our evening at his store

Was an hallelujah

Get the lamp lets oil its tank

The day has graduated to night

Close your eyes; I have a surprise for you

The frame on the left window has been

Replaced with that of an eagle

Guess you have not heard

Our brothers have gone mad!


Let’s have a throw back

When many were a baby

She cried like a baby and

Act like a baby

Now she’s all grown

But I see no difference

Between yesterday and today

Does she know its Wednesday

The 16th , 2020?

Maybe she would manifest her

Youthful strength in old age

But time is the only one thing

We don’t have

Show her the pictures of our

Youth back in the days

When mindset was the key point

When being responsible was

The image they made

When being creative was the

Dress they wore

When changing the world was

The pledge they recited

Wake her up!

It’s morning already!


Tell me you don’t know

That Uzor has lost his

Pride as a young man

He now paint’s his body with tattoos

Instead of painting his father’s house

Take me back to memory lane!

When mothers were the role model

To their daughters

Take me back to memory lane!

When fathers present legacy as

Birthday gifts to their sons

Why do young people smoke trees

Instead of planting trees?

Don’t call it a life style

Our youths have been robbed!







Whose word’s touches my heart?

Whose look gladdens my mind?

Whose voice awakens my strength?

You are too precious mother!


How brave and gallant you are!

Fearlessly you conceived me

Passionately you wined me

Affectionately you raised me

To be greater than you

What kind of love could this be?


I have searched all through

Nothing to be compared

I have looked all round

Yet am not convinced

Your image of compassion

Is of The yield Olive oil

Your sweet love oh mother

Is like the taste of honey

I can’t trade you for gold!



This is how I was made! This is my true self!

I have been injected with cold fear not to

Know my true self.

I can’t calculate the distance between my

Race and my grace,

Something has rebuilt my true story!

Once upon a time! I don’t know how to

Prove my point that my brain is white

And my skin is dark;

The difference is clear that I chose who

I want to be!


Who made me? God made me.

I have a bitter taste of how I have suffered,

How I am suffering and how I will suffer.

I can’t merge power and point because

Power will always surpass point.

The oppressed have the points but the oppressors

Have the power.

Where am I to pitch my tent; power or point?

I was born with point but power is what

I seek for redemption of my race.

This is my color not me!


I don’t fear to fall for I will rise!

I don’t fear my fears anymore

For I am stronger than my pain and

I am bigger than my challenge.

Hey! Mr. merry go round!

Please, don’t mistake my picture for

What you haven’t seen,

Why not employ me to see what I can feature

For the future.

You underestimate my color but try me

There might be a difference between

My color and my ability.

I am still me even if you forbid my color!

I have made mistakes but am not a mistake

I have made mistakes but am not a mistake, i am here to amend.

I have failed in different ways but am not a failure. I have fallen countless times while on the

race, but i won’t fall flat; i will rise like the sun, and I will set to the west of my goal. I have lost

my faith several times but i will not give up the fight.I might not be able to kick a stone today

but i will be strong enough to move the mountain tomorrow.I might not be able to make a pool

today, but i will be bold enough to make an ocean tomorrow. yesterday has no right to tell

today what to do with tomorrow; for yesterday is history, the present is now and tomorrow is a

mystery. learn to calculate your life before spending it, you will account for it at the end!




Arise oh Africa!

The owner of nature

The back bone of the earth

The shield of young beast

The home of ebony

The atmosphere of beauty!


Arise! You sons and daughters

Of this great woman!

You have been born to her for a reason

She has breast fed you with courage

And culture

She who does not sleep to keep an eye

On her children

She who has continuously served her offspring’s

With the dish of unity

What a great woman!

Oh mother Africa!

You who have nurtured our thought

With the pride of our traditions

Please don’t ever take the spirit of

Loyalty from us

For we live and breathe through you!

The Judge


It’s a friendly world indeed!

Of a truth it’s a free world!

But why are there many enemies

Than friends?

The lawyers are there

Why are there high injustices?

If the soldiers are there to defend

Why shouldn’t there be war?

Every failure is part of life’s struggle.

It’s the understanding of our experience

That tells our greatness.

Can anyone number the drops of rain

From the sky?

Why do weak humans count mistake?


If evil was never created

Who then can tell the difference

Between good and bad?

Surely the earth is engaged with nothing.

Worries are times when the mind is paid

For a job not well done.

No task is accomplished without hard work.



1234 & 5


1234 & 5! These were the years we had!

How can I forget those creamy years?

Wining, dining, dancing, and chatting!

These memories are stock inside of me.

Please, let’s travel back to what we had,

May be, they weren’t enough for me.

So I pray, we repeat history together!

Can we talk more about Friday 23rd July?

Let’s meet at the old store like old times,

1800 hours!


Am there, but I can’t see you!

It’s dark out here and I can’t see properly.

Please give me a sign that you are out there.

I want to see the beautiful blue gown you

Always wear during picnic.

Someone just waved, are you the one?

No it’s not you! She’s got blue eyes,

You have brown eyes!

Please, where are you? I’ve been waiting.

Why am I so scared?


Am now at your house knocking, but no

Respond from anyone.

Your neighbors are now starring at me

Like a total stranger they haven’t seen before,

Just one was bold enough to tell me you are

No more; but I didn’t believe him.

This is the third time am hearing this,

But I refused to believe it’s true even after

Visiting your new home, grave!

Please come back! I wish to see your face again.

1234 & 5! Were the years we had!






MOVIE= ‘DIG’ (suspense)


Journalism in the 21st century is meant to be the light of a country’s policy.

trying to  bring out the vital role of journalism in her home land; Alexis ,had to seek

the western investigating and applied method of Education. bringing that back to

her country wasn’t a child’s play, because she had to convince her father who has

been in the government before she was born, that she would handle any form of

misconduct against the law. human trafficking and drug transaction was her

point of action.who is the friend among the foe? Ben Cruz, who is supposed to

be her Dad’s Spanish business partner turns out to be what? a friend or a foe?

RETURN (Epic movie)

If judgement is passed by the gods, who is punishment meant for?

No one can tell the bitterness of vengeance! if only the tribe of Obidike recognized

the tribe of Nmairu as head without engaging in an unfinished business, maybe the

unfair decisions wouldn’t have been made on how to repay their evil actions with the

head that has the hands of the gods on it. now! it has awakened an unending

vengeance that will surface after 400 years, 40 years in 4 days! what can stop this

line of destruction? is it blood, revenge or bond? no one can interpret the sign of

the three stars in the sky, not even the chief priest!


               Wake up Africa

 It’s an amazing fact to know that most things used in the world, can be traced in Africa ancients creativity. Let’s pick out points in form of questions to state this fact;

  • What is the difference between the Igbo traditional flute (Oja) and the normal English flute? Let me remind you that this musical instrument has being there since their origin.
  • What about the Yoruba’s traditional talking drum (Gangan) which has really served purposes for entertainment over the centuries before the introduction of the foreign drums? Even the wonderful drum ‘Gbedu’ (big drum) that has being in the hearts and hands of the ancients and the moderns.
  • What is the difference between the Hausa’s ’ ‘Kakaki’ and the normal foreign trumpet?

The difference isn’t that much, the difference is value. We need to wake up and embrace our own. We need to wake up and advertise us________Africa.

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